Torch On Roof Installation


Torch on roofing is the most advance flat roof water proof membrane that is highly resistant to damage from wet conditions, debris, animal, and rot. Ideal solution for your commercial and residential flat and low pitched roofs.

Torch on roofing system A.K.A. Torch down roofing ideal for flat roofs includes to two asphalt layers reformed and melted together, this system is perfect for Vancouver’s Wet Weather (Snow and rain fall) conditions since it resists water and ultraviolet light. Thermos-fusible plastic (rubberized asphalt) is used between these base and cap layer. Among two layers, base layer is tightly held mechanically using screws or adhesive, though cap layer is quite similar to base layer but made of rough surface which adds protection.

Typically, two layer and three-layer torch on roofing systems are available in the market while three-layer is considered more reliable and robust. Two-layer system contains one ply with rough surface and smooth base ply and three-layer torch down roofing system contains asphaltic recovery board in addition to rough surface ply and smooth base ply. Though torch on roofing system has many similar benefits like tar and gravel roofing, but the main benefit is durability not just its waterproof barrier, the system is considered almost maintenance-free, lasts approx. 15-20 yrs. Although, there is no maintenance required during this period but having the roof inspected during summer and fall after a couple of years is probably a good idea.

In this modern age of improved technology, Quality of torch on roofing system has gone up at the same time prices come down, making the system more feasible option for homeowners as the system requires low or no maintenance, heat resistant, fumeless and more reliable. An ire-resistant layer can also be added by the roofer upon request. Regardless of the type of roof you have, a proper maintenance prevents the roof from potential leaks and keeps it up against challenging weather conditions. In case you find a leak it’s better to get it repaired as soon as possible instead of waiting the problem to get bigger or worse. Roof should be regularly and properly inspected and kept clean of any debris which build up timely. Especially the areas round gutters, chimneys and flashings should be kept clean.

Installing Torch on roofing system often doesn’t really need removal of existing roof if you existing roof is not so damaged and in a decent shape then the system will be installed over the current roof so that newly installed roof lasts longer. Installation of torch on roofing system must be carried out by highly experienced professionals who know what they do. Experts equipped with state-of-the-art tools can handle all phases ensuring no exposure of adhesive and solvent materials otherwise the process can lead to a serious trouble and will cause many problems more than its worth.

Roof is covered with a fiberglass felt which acts as a base sheet for the other sheet (bitumen layer) and roofing materials to be merged, once the base layer is installed smoothly a second sheet bitumen layer is installed over it and merged using a torch which melt the materials. Afterward a bitumen sheet is pressed to ensure good tight seal, additionally a primer or same kind of substance is used over the metal surface just before concealing it with the roof coating. Further coating can also be applied after few months making your torch down roof more robust and resistant to water, tears & heat.

Though Torch on roofing system is a reliable, waterproof and heat resistant system but since it is not so popular homeowners and business owners tends to rely on traditional roofing systems due to risks involved. If not properly installed can cost much than its worth. Cascadia Roofing Experts has right kind of tools and the experience to take on your residential or commercial torch on roof installation project. From beginning to end, experts handle all phases and available 7 days a week.
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