Residential & Commercial Re-Roofing Vancouver

Re-Roofing and Repairs


Re-roofing removal and disposal of your old roof installing new sheeting and membranes and new roofs will increase your biggest investment. Will also reduce energy costs and rodents. Re-roofing is an important investment that impacts the overall shape of your home. Who doesn’t like a durable roof that last for a long time? Quite often fixing and repainting an existing roof can be costly. Cascadia Roofing a licensed company offers reliable and most affordable roofing services in Vancouver and nearby areas. If shingles of your existing roof are not damaged or leaking, then probably re-roofing is a good option since the process helps overcome potential problems with the existing installation or products.

Re-roofing gives homeowners and business owners a great opportunity to give their house or office a new look. Keeping this in mind, they just need to ensure once the process is complete their premises never looks the same as it used to look before. Pros at Cascadia Roofing, give your roof a finest touch that increases the aesthetic and monetary value of your property, moreover present you stunning designs which perfectly resonate with your lifestyle.

Often people think of re-roofing as complete roof replacement which is a different process but in re-roofing process, only top damaged layer is removed and re-installed, however when it comes to roof replacement whole roof is teared off and replaced with a new one. If roofing shingles are in good shape and not so damaged then one should consider re-roofing, while incase shingles are leaking, in poor conditions or broken then roof replacement is probably a better idea.

Hence, re-roofing is not a DIY process and must be handled by a reputed and professional company, cost of this process varies from area to area and scope of the project. When it comes to installing roof layer of a small house, usually this process takes approx. 01 day for an experienced contractor however the time varies depending upon the design and complexity of the project. Hiring professional roofing company keeps the whole process smooth and hassle-free.

Friendly professionals at Cascadia Roofing analyze existing condition of your roof, pull off existing roof layer carefully and install a new one with excellent quality according to the industrial standards. From inspection, initial planning, choosing products, handling different phases till completion our experts leave nothing to a chance. Experts at Cascadia Roofing are equipped with leading edge tools to ensure a hassle-free roofing experience, available 7 days a week, offer free estimates just whenever you need anywhere in lower mainland, delivering a kind of quality service you deserve.